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Service List

Dog Walks/Trail Hikes

15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 1 & 1/2 hour appointments

Vacation Care

Potty-time, feeding, poop clean-up, medication administration, and socialization

Microchip Registration 

Pet microchips need to be re-activated in the national database yearly for your lost pet to be found in the system.

We do not currently offer boarding or grooming services.  

Big and Small

We are happy to provide care for  a wide variety of pets from cats & dogs to exotic pets and farm animals.  Our sitters are matched to the pet of their expertise.  We do our best to make sure your pet will receive the best care and we always keep their safety our #1 priority.

Competitive Pricing

Summer Rates (1 April - 31 October)

15 minute potty break/quick check $15

1/2 hour $20

1 hour $30

1 & 1/2 hour $40

visit between 9pm and 7am is 3 x rate

Winter Rates (1 November - 31 March)

15 minute potty break/quick check $20

1/2 hour $30 

1 hour $40

1 & 1/2 hour $50

visit between 9pm and 7am is 3 x rate

Microchip Renewal $30 per pet

Client Reviews

Whitney K., Huntsville UT UT

"I have used Jennifer for midday visits for my Great Dane and German Short-haired Pointer in Huntsville.  The Dane is very shy and barks to let people know, but I feel comfortable with Jennifer taking care of her.  Jennifer said she respects Jane's space and her energy - which I love!  I hate it when "dog people" force themselves upon a dog who simply isn't interested.  Jennifer is an *actual* dog person for letting my Dane be herself, which is invaluable.  Jennifer also takes same-day requests, which is good for my schedule, and she usually texts photos and an update, which cheer and reassure me when I am away from my loves.  Thanks Jennifer!"

Jan W., Eden UT

"Jennifer has cared for my cats many times over the past year as I am frequently out of town.  She is very knowlegable and intuitive with animals and I highly recommend her for any type of pet.  She has no problem giving meds or taking care of other special needs and has given me many good suggestioins.  And not only does she take great care of the cats, she takes great care of my home while I am gone-mail, plants, garbage etc.  I don't have to worry when I'm out of town and when I return, it's obvious that my cats are happy and have been well cared for.  She keeps in touch every day and sends me great pictures!!  Jennifer is definitely the best pet sitter I have used over the years and I highly recommend her!"

Laura L., Huntsville UT

"Jennifer Johnson Pet Care is absolutely fantastic!  We found her about three years ago, and we will NEVER use anybody else again.  We have two standard poodles--they are large, energetic, sociable dogs who need daily interaction with humans to be happy.  They also do NOT like being kenneled--we tried that a couple of times in the past and were not happy with the results.  Jennifer Johnson has provided consistent , reliable, affectionate care for our two doggies.  The biggest plus is that she provides this care by visiting our house--that way our dogs can be secure in their own home environment.  She sends us daily text messages with pictures of the doggies letting us know how they are doing.  It's such a relief having a professional, competent pet-sitter to take care of our fur boys!"

Anne K., Northbrook IL

"Jennifer is the best! I come from Chicago throughout the year and she always takes care o my 2 dogs.  AND they love her!!!!!!!  I can go out all day skiing and know my pups are in great hands and will get a good walkie during the day!"

Zane W., Eden UT

"Jennifer's care for our animals is exceptional.  She has cared for our horses and cats for two years.  She is reliable and goes above and beyond to care for them.  I never have any worries when we are away and she is caring for them.  I would highly recommend her services."

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Our Philosophy

We believe wellness is a balance between physical and mental care.  That’s why  we recommend our pet care visits are 1/2 hour or more.  First we care for their physical needs and then we use the remaining time for their mental wellness through touch and play.  We have found this to be the most effective way to keep your pets happy.  I make sure to book a back-up sitter so you can leave home without any worries about your pets.  Ashley is our first assistant pet sitter and she is truly a gem!  - Jennifer Johnson

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