Certified Professional Pet Sitting
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Pet safety is always our #1 priority

Experience is what makes a good pet sitter a great pet sitter.  Most of our pet sitting days are filled with energetic and youthful pets, but a growing number are geriatric.  They require specialized diets, medication, and a gentle approach.  Whatever their age is or special special needs are we have the experience.

It’s All in the Details

Digital Petsit Reports straight to your email

Being the recipient of a petsit report is sure to bring a smile to your face.  After each pet-care and dog walking visit you will receive  an email with photos and a written report.    This  lets  you know  when  we  were  there,  what  we  did,  and  gives  you  a  visual  reassurance  that  all is  well.  If we are in an area with no cellular service we will send your report as soon as we re-enter the nearest cellular service area.  

Meet and Greets

Before any pet care can be provided we need to have met your pet and have your and their information in their personal pet file.  After providing us with your email address we will send you, the pet parent, a link to the portal that gets you into where the information is securely stored.  For your convenience there is a link to the portal on our home page.  After your account has been set up this link makes it super easy to access you pet  file, schedule services, and pay your invoice.  To avoid a last minute fee of $25 please plan to have the meet and greet completed a minimum of three days before requesting pet care and dog walking services.